Years Pass
For the next several years, I worked on a broad variety of projects. One was the commercials for the “Monsters” TV show. I went out to Sacramento to film the preemptive strike to the campaign for the new show from Laurel Entertainment. It was so cool, because it was LAUREL Entertainment and Dick Smith was going to be the consultant on the show (Not the commercials I did though). Anyway, I got to play an alien in the ads as well as puppeteer several effects. It was a great time had by all. I also would work on quite a few projects over the next several years. Some were jobs that lasted a day…some months. Among these were “Robocop 3”, “Grass Roots”, and “Pet Sematary 2”. One of my favorites during this time was ‘a Japanese film called “A Time Bridge of 50 Years”. It was an all Japanese crew with one translator (Luckily he spoke southern). I was really taken by the way that they all pitched in together. We were working in the mid summer Georgia heat and it was hard to maintain the full facial prosthetic make up, but everyone pitched in to help. It is not the sort of thing that is common with American crews and I was really touched by the teamwork and to this day, I have a great deal of respect for their work effort. Even though I couldn’t understand the film, it was really well done and I am really proud to have been a part of that.
I got married a few years later and got a job on a film called “The War”. It was a film starring Elijah Woods and Kevin Costner and to this day remains one of my favorites. I remember that my wife and I had been married for 4 months and I would drive the 73 miles to location every day and then back at night after the long shoot. I would step in the door to our apartment and sit on the couch and fall sound asleep. The days were long and the scenes inside the water tower set would wear me out so bad, that I was lucky to make it home at night. One of the best things on that film was working with the kids. (My wife and I don’t have children) It was on that film that I realized how much I liked working with youth and that and the death of my dear friend Steve Harrington, led me to start working with teens at the church that I was attending (I continued to do that for 10 years or so) Working with those kids (church) was more rewarding than any thing that I have ever done and I am thankful to my experiences on “The War” for helping me find that path.



me on monsters set
Me on the set for the "Monsters" commercials
Christina, Hiroshi, and I
Christina, Hiroshi Mikami, and I on "A Time Bridge Of 50 Years"
Billy Messina and I work on "Pet Sematary 2"
Billy Messina and I on "Pet Sematary 2"
Christopher Fennel and I on the War
Christopher Fennell and I on "The War"































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