A lot of people ask me, “What’s in your head?”. They have trouble understanding where my ideas come from. Sometimes it is even more surprising when they find out that I am a Christian. My answer to that question is a combination of several elements, Christianity being part of the equation. I believe that effects and stories are much more effective when they are grounded in reality and beliefs. For effects, I thoroughly research medical books and create a form of medical illustration. I feel that it is important to understand anatomy and structure in nature and I use many references to help to recreate the intricate designs of the subjects that I am copying. Even if I am creating an imaginary creature, I feel that it is necessary to make it look like it could really exist, thus many elements of real creatures are incorporated into the designs. To me, God is the ultimate artist and all we can do is try to copy what He has so amazingly put together. As for my story ideas, much comes from my beliefs and a sense of wonder for all things unseen. As a child, I grew up watching the old b&w classic horror films and a plethora of 70’s era tv shows. “Night Gallery” and “Kolchak” were major influences on me and my style. I also grew up hearing lots of family ghost stories and developed a keen interest in strange events, crypto zoology, parapsychology, etc. You will see many of these elements creep into the things that I write. I like to have a moral sensibility to all my works and don’t see the necessity for sex, harsh language, or most violence. I do feel that illustration of violent acts becomes necessary in certain situations, but should not be done just for gore’s sake. I believe in story telling and with that, comes a certain sense of responsibility. My goal is to come up with creative and thought provoking stories that are told in a more “old school” style. Hopefully by holding to these ideals, I can create films that will invoke discussion and be safe entertainment for most ages.