Make Up Effects & Creature Creation


Zombieland - Built 5 burned bodies and 2 bird eaten bodies

Madea Goes To Jail - Prosthetic make up for the character “Joe”- Lion's Gate.

Year One - Created prop boar, boar parts, cooked animals, organs, and severed human head - Garden films.

Lizardman - Make Up Effects Dept. Head for creature suit.

Conjurer - Make up effects - Red Five Ent.

Alabaster - Production designer/make up effects - Whitestone Motion Pictures.

Death Sentence – Make up 3rd - HPE .

One Missed Call - Lifecasting for 3 of the characters for Spectral Motion.

Shiver - Make up effects

Madea’s Family Reunion - Prosthetic make up for the character “Joe”.

Diary Of A Mad Black Woman - Prosthetic make up – Lion’s Gate

Dead Birds - Co-creator of prop butchered horses.

The Nomad - Make up effects – ASK films

Dumb and Dumberer - Make up effects Dept. Head - New Line

Johnny Flynton - Make up effects

Eight Legged Freaks - Creature/Make Up Effects Dept. Head - Warner/Centropolis

Tara - Prop bodies - Namor productions

Run, Ronnie Run! - Make Up Effects - New Line/ Dakota Films

The Patriot - Make Up Effects Dept. Head- Columbia/Centropolis

Mama Flora’s Family - Make Up Effects - CBS

October Sky - Make Up Effects - Universal

In Dreams - Co Key Make Up Effects - Dreamworks

Blackdog - Make Up Effects (Atlanta) - Universal

Hoodlum - Make Up Effects - United Artists

Fled - Make Up Effects - MGM

Up Close And Personal - Make Up Assistant (Philidelphia)/ Prop Rats – Avnet/Kerner

The Neon Bible - Created 4 hanging bodies - SCALA

The Keys - Created drowned child that could be filmed in sea water - CBS

The War - Created A dead rat , water buffalo , pot bellied pig , 2 dead soldiers , and a dead child.Also worked as Assistant Make Up doing wounds , dirt , and basic make up - Universal

The Incredible Life And Times Of Robert L Ripley: Believe It Or Not - Character Prosthetic Make Up - TBS

Death Screams - Make Up Effects - Picture One Productions

The Stand - Subcontracted by Steve Johnson to create 6 mummified corpses , prop rats , and a prop guinea pig - ABC

Boxing Helena - Prosthetics - Orion

Deadly Relations - Prosthetics - ABC

Pet Sematary Two - Dead Animal Effects Dept.Head(Except Zowie)/ Make Up Effects crew member - Paramount

Trespass - Created hanging corpse - Universal

Demented - prop bodies - Richfield Productions

A Time Bridge Of 50 Years - Aging Prosthetics – Fugi Television

Grass Roots - Prosthetics - NBC

Robocop 3 - Prosthetic Assistant - Orion

Freejack - Make Up Assistant for night club scenes - Morgan Creek

Livin’ Large - Created prop body - Samuel Goldwyn Co.

Blood Salvage - Make Up Effects Dept.Head - Ken Sanders Ent.

Sleepaway Camp 3 - Make Up Effects Dept.Head - Double Helix

Sleepaway Camp 2 - Make Up Effects Dept.Head - Double Helix

Uncertain Faiths - Make Up/Prosthetics - Modern Images

Also created Prop rats for Outbreak and Money For Nothing

Television Series & Video:

That's Magic - Production Designer/Prop Builder/ Additional Visual Effects- Whitestone Motion Pictures

Awake 'O Sleeper - Production Designer/Make Up Effects - Whitestone Motion Pictures

Robby The Robot - Production Designer/Make Up Effects - Whitestone Motion Pictures

The Watchmaker's Son- Production Designer/Make Up Effects - Whitestone Motion Pictures

The Incredible Happenings of Avery Goodman - Make Up Effects - Whitestone Motion Pictures

Consumerism The Musical - Gorilla suit - Whitestone Motion Pictures

Door In The Floor - Make Up Effects Dept. Head/Prop Builder - Whitestone Motion Pictures

Smiling Addiction - Smiley Face Head Creator - Whitestone Motion Pictures

Blue Collar TV- Applied prosthetic Make Up for 2 characters for show (2 episodes) - WB
American Gothic - Created 5 prop organs in jars for lab – Renaissance

B- 52’s Revolution Earth Video - Created prosthetic figurehead - Cascondo Studios

Lucky Ed’s Tabloid News - Creature Creator & Designer - Tiny Little Pictures

America’s Most Wanted - “Butler” Episode - Character Make Up - Fox

Rescue 911 - “Go Cart Girls”, “Houdini Saves”, and “Rescue Payback” episodes - Character and Trauma Make Up – CBS

Center For Disease Control - Mustard and Nerve gassing first aid video - Trauma Make Up



Commercials & Print Ads:

Monsters , Family Feud , WSB , McDonalds , United Way , Sportstown , Slazenger , and many more.



Netherworld Haunted Attraction – Designer and creator of spokes character prosthetics and in line video creator.

12 Stone Church - Created prop Ark of the Covenant and Golden Lampstand for service.

Dirty Jobs – Helped apply and paint zombie prosthetics on Mike Rowe for Special Effects episode.

Horror Channel – Art concepts and Design for Website until 2006.

Don’t Worry It’s Only Your Imagination - Writer and director.

Phantom Of The Opera - Lifecasting for Rick Hilsabeck (Phantom)



BFA in Graphic Design from University of GA.

Certified by the Dick Smith Advanced Professional Make Up Course.


the patriot
madea goes to jail
october sky
eight legged freaks
eath sentence
the war
dumb and dumberer
in dreams
monsters fled pet sematary 2
johnny flynton mama flora's family
the stand
robocop 3
up close and personal
madea's family reunion
run ronnie run
blood salvage
sleepawy camp 2
sleepaway camp 2
deadly relations
boxing helena
grass roots
blue collar
a time bridge of 50 years
black dog
diary of a mad black woman
dead birds
love potion
money for nothing
neon bible
one missed call