Post 9/11 to 2009
So after “Arac Attack”, I took a little time off. My dad had a serious, near fatal heart attack and then 9/11 happened. The film was changed to the title “Eight Legged Freaks” to try to avoid confusion with “Iraq Attack” (Only after I had made some crew shirts with the original title. When will I learn?). I shot my own horror short around that time and just concentrated on that to take my mind off of the troubles that we all faced. Since that time, the film directing/writing bug has been in my system. I did several movies that have been fun, but nothing really that has compared to my giant spider days.

I ended up landing the Make Up Effects work on the sequel to "Dumb and Dumber" and then went on to work out of the country for the first time on a film in Kazakhstan called "Nomad". I was gone for 5 weeks, working with Yves De Bono and his great crew of special effects artists. It was hard, but having my best friend, Bruce Larsen by my side, made the pain of being so far away, a lot more bearable.

I then worked on “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” (and since 2 sequels). I really like Tyler Perry and he is a naturally gifted man and I really respect his convictions to God. After that film I did a low budget horror film called “Shiver”. Shortly after that my wife and I made the tough decision to leave our old church and to find a new church home. We found 12 Stone Church (Crossroads Community Church at the time) and have been attending it since. It was there that I was to meet some of the most talented artists (and good friend) that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Whitestone Motion Pictures, is composed of Brandon McCormick (Writer/Director/Producer), Billy Wilkerson (Writer/Actor/Song Writer), Nick Kirk (Film Scorer), Dan Marrero (Camera Operator), Dana Konick (Costumes), and many more talented folks. I act as production designer for the company and also create specialty props and the make up effects. So far I have worked on "Smiling Addiction","Door In The Floor", "Alabaster","Consumerism The Musical", "Watchmaker's Son", "Awake O Sleeper", and "That's Magic". Please check out my links to go to their website and see some of our work.

I am also working with Apple Pi Film and Jim Tu as a writer/director of a remake of my film "Don't Worry It's Only Your Imagination". Jim and I are good friends and I hope that our working relation and friendship will last a long time.

In summer of 2008, Bryan Wynia was offered a job with my old intern (and close friend) Scott Spencer. He moved to LA and worked for a while at Gentle Giant before moving over to work at Naughty Dog. I am very proud of him and miss him. I have taken on Matt Silva as my new intern. Matt is a very talented young man and is a quick learner. He is also acting as Art Director with Whitestone Motion Pictures.

There are a lot of films coming into Georgia and it is a very exciting time.

bruce d&d
Bruce with prop bodies in Kazakhstan Bruce (gorilla at top), Brent (middle), Derek Richardson (left), and Eric Christian Olsen (right) on set of Dumb and Dumberer
shiver tyler
Brent, Angela Youngdeer (ghost), Me, and Bryan on the set of Shiver

Tyler Perry (In Joe prosthetics) and I on set

brandon that's magic group
Brandon and I on"Awake O Sleeper"
Nick, Brandon, and Billy on "That's Magic"
Bryan matt and I
Bryan Wynia with Billy (fishman) mask on "Door In The Floor" Matt and I at Netherworld


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