So where would I be without those who have supported me over the years ? The truth is that life is not easy for anyone. It is those around us, supporting us, that makes life bearable. I am no different and I'd like to acknowledge those that have helped me over the years. Among those is my family. My parents have endured years of a trashed basement to allow me to have a good place to work. Mom, Dad, and my sister have been supportive to me as an artist, as well as encouraging. My wife, Christina, has never complained about my traveling, lack of work, and has tolerated my messiness for 16 years. Her support has helped me to have the drive to continue in what is sometimes a discouraging business. Her passion for nature has helped me to appreciate God's creations and to stop and enjoy the things that are so often missed in life. I also can't say enough about my close friends that have brought me humor in tough times, friendly competition to help me push myself, and good company in the lonely times of travel. Among those is Dick Smith, who has been selfless in his sharing of his knowledge of not only effects, but has been there for encouragement to me in the low times. Dick is one of the most giving people that I have ever met and is a blessing to not only those that know him, but also to those whose lives are touched indirectly by the loving spirit that he possesses. I am fortunate to call him friend. Also among those friends are the members of the crews that I have had over the years. It is their hard work that has helped me to be where I am today. Finally, I want to thank God and my Lord Jesus Christ for granting me this adventure I call life.

My wedding
dick and I

Dick Smith and I

christina and mule

For my wife who puts up with living with me, even if I'm a jackass sometimes.

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