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anthony barry
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Billy Wilkerson as Sanches Numero from "The Incredible Happenings of Avery Goodman". He is wearing prosthetic fingers and a lace moustache.
Anthony Samples from "Alabaster". He is wearing earlobe prosthetics and fake piercings and tattoos.
billy wheelcahir
Billy Wilkerson from "Alabaster". He is wearing full facial silicone prosthetics, false teeth, and contact lenses. He also was made to fit in a special wheelchair that made it appear that he was missing a leg.
before after
This is a prosthetic nose and make up on actor Richard Portnow for the film, "The Life and Times Of Robert Ripley: Believe It Or Not".
This is a multi piece "Washington" prosthetic make up on actor Terry Layman for the movie, "The Patriot". He is also wearing dental plumpers, ager stipple, and lace hair pieces.
This is a foam latex prosthetic made for for the movie, "Dumb and Dumberer"
tyler perry joe
This is a 7 piece prosthetic make up made for Tyler Perry for one of the "Madea" films. He is also wearing a lace wig and moustache with hand laid eyebrows and stubble.
This is a prosthetic make up made for the character, "Dr Vargus", for Netherworld haunted attractions. It is worn by Ben Armstrong.
before after
Multi piece prosthetic make up made for John Glover for the mini series, "Grass Roots"
scars teeth
Barry Bishop wearing prosthetic scars and false teeth from "Awake O Sleeper"












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