Blood Salvage
After the Sleepaway Camp films ended, I moved on to “Blood Salvage”, working with my old buddy, Ken Sanders. It was the touching story of a lonely mechanical genius, Jake Pruitt and his charming sons, Roy and Hiram. They had a little junkyard complete with a gorage…I mean garage. It was there that they would take kidnapped victims and sell their organs and keep them alive on junkyard parts. It was the late 80’s, horror was thriving, and this was going to be a fun and creative addition to the growing catalogue of that decade’s horror fare. I brought in my friend, Roger Borelli to help with the effects. I was also fortunate enough to have Tony Gardener send us some really cool bodies for the smorgasbord of bio mechanical goodies that lurked in the old barn. We all came up with bizarre concepts and executed as many as possible with the budget and short timeframe given. Unfortunately, many of the cooler ideas fell along the path of execution, never to be realized. The shoot was tough and the weather hot, but it was great to work with old friends (Many were from the super eight film days). A big bonus was that my mom got to meet John Saxon, whose fake liver I got him to autograph. When all was finished, the market had suddenly changed and unfortunately the film didn’t get the exposure to the public that we all had hoped for. The 80’s had come to an end and so had the horror bonanzas.


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mom and John Saxon
Mom and John Saxon On "Blood Salvage"