October Sky
A few years and several films later, I got a call from a friend to go work on a little film in Tennessee, called “Rocket Boys”. I was asked to go up and create a healing wound for the dad in the film. At first, I almost turned it down, but then I changed my mind and took the job. It would turn out to be one of the best films that I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with. The job was not too complicated. I just had to create a scar in various forms of healing on an actor named Chris Cooper. (Chris is a brilliant actor and quite possibly my favorite actor that I have ever worked with.) I would put on the scar and then watch him for the rest of the time, with little need for touch ups, because of the design and materials used. This meant that I had a lot of time to get to know the people that I was working with and really had a blast doing so. One of the people that I got to know the best was Natalie Canerday, the mom in the film. I have to tell you that she had me laughing so much on that film that I still get cracked up thinking about some of her stories. One of the great things about her is he accent. She was originally from Arkansas and what you hear in the film is all real. I will never regret taking that job. The cast was outstanding and everyone really made it a great experience for me. After all was said and done, they changed the title to “October Sky” (Which is still Rocket Boys with the letters scrambled) It’s funny to think how many films, that I have worked on, have changed their titles, but “Fled” still stayed “Fled”. Go figure.


The Patriot

Cris C poses for pic
Chris Cooper posed for family type of photo
Natalie and I
Natalie and I





















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